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Start-Up Consultancy

Developing a creative plan is crucial for the success of any firm, particularly start-ups. If you are in search of business outsourcing solutions, you must remember that you have a long journey ahead and that planning every tactic you'll need is essential. You must also think of how to reduce business costs by outsourcing. Managing a start-up can be overwhelming, so seeking start-up consulting can be valuable. It allows you to focus on growth plans to impress potential investors you may meet shortly. Consulting firms understand the challenges you face and can offer solutions to current or future issues. They have extensive experience working with companies like yours and know which strategies work best. They can direct you through this difficult journey, making the most of their expertise.

Tech Development

Our company specialises in developing customised web solutions that are highly effective but also user-friendly and secure, which is why we take the title of best website development company in the UK. Our solutions are designed to support your business operations while serving people all around the world. Our team of expert developers builds software that helps you achieve more in your business. We strive to make your business processes more efficient, enhance customer experience and generate more profit for you as our esteemed client. We are also a software development company and app development company.

Hire Developers

Are you searching for a way to quickly grow your projects or extend your business? Being the best website development company in the UK, our team of developers has a positive and proactive approach and can assist you in achieving success. We are capable of providing outstanding outcomes, whether you require the services of a single developer or a whole team.

Software Maintenance

Additionally, if your software isn't performing as expected, being a professional software development company, we offer software maintenance services to improve your system's functionality and performance. We can even help rescue a failing project or extend the functionality of your legacy application.

  • We build:
  • CRMs
  • Websites
  • Mobile Apps
  • APIs
  • UI/UX
  • Web based applications
  • Integration

Scale Up Consultancy

Congratulations on successfully launching your start-up! We understand the importance of taking your business to the next level and securing valuable consultation services to maintain and expand your growth, leaving a lasting impact. Our scale-up consulting services are designed specifically for firms that have completed their Series A round and beyond. We deeply understand back-office outsourcing solutions and the challenges and pain points that arise during this phase. Our expert coaching will guide you through the process of maintaining operational efficiency.

CX Outsourcing

At Emerj, we support with CX Outsourcing, we provide solutions for the best business outsourcing and offer outsourced customer support services through various channels. Our team of experienced agents cater to the needs of businesses from different industries, at a cost-effective rate. We are committed to delivering engaging and valuable customer interactions, optimising call times to ensure effective support and sales.

  • Customer Care
  • Aftersales
  • Technical Support
  • Win-Back
  • Service to Sales
  • Customer Retention
  • Email Support
  • Social Media Support

Admin Outsourcing

Businesses in the legal and professional services sector are shifting from traditional paper-based workspaces to digital environments. This change is driven by the need to support fee earners in working productively from anywhere. As the best firm for admin outsourcing, our administrative and general office teams specialise in creating, integrating, and maintaining the necessary processes and technology for reprographics, mail, and records management services. As a privileged admin outsourcing company, we have extensive experience helping UK companies create faster, more secure, and more efficient digital workspaces.

Digital Marketing

Looking to build a legendary brand that captures the hearts and imaginations of your audience? Let us be your marketing team! We are a reputable digital marketing company in the UK, and our approach is rooted in data-driven marketing and creative insights that help us create brands that resonate with people's identities.

We believe in honest, consultative multi-channel digital marketing that considers your business's nuances. As the best digital marketing agency, we are the market leader in growing brands year-on-year and bring flair, creativity, and innovation to the table. With our help, you can exceed your digital and marketing footprint and reach new heights of success.

We also:

  • 1. Logo design and brand guidelines
  • 2. Full social media management and engagement with your customers
  • 3. Video and content creating
  • 4. SEO and Article publication
  • 5. Graphic design
  • 6. AdWords
  • 7. App store optimisation

Staff Augmentation

We can help you find the perfect resources and skills for your team, tailored to your brand's culture and needs. As we help in sourcing staff augmentation companies, our process is fast and efficient, ensuring that we can quickly match your project's size and demands. We eliminate deployment and commitment risks, guaranteeing that your costs will always be predictable. With access to highly trained teams, you can seamlessly transition from one project to the next, adapting your workforce to meet the needs of each request in real-time. Let us know what you're looking for regarding staff augmentation services, and we'll provide you with the most qualified people for the job. Say goodbye to budgetary uncertainty and hello to having the resources you need when you need them.

Corporate Structuring

We help source the best accountants in the UK. Get specialised services that assist multinational businesses in optimising their corporate framework to achieve enhanced efficiency, compliance, and tax optimisation across international jurisdictions. This involves strategically restructuring and aligning a company's subsidiaries, holding companies, and associated entities to maximise operational benefits while minimising risks.

Virtual Business Assistant

If you are looking to hire remote staff, we can help source professional administrative, organisational, and managerial support remotely to businesses and entrepreneurs. Operating from a remote location, we offer a wide range of tasks and services to help streamline operations, increase productivity, and reduce workload burdens. These tasks may include managing emails, scheduling appointments, handling phone calls, preparing reports, conducting market research, data entry, and social media management.


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