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CX Outsourcing for an Educational Platform

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CX Outsourcing for an Educational Platform

A high volume educational platform wanted to improve their customer satisfaction experience and found it difficult to resolve these issues internally. We discussed their issues at length and devised a solution to suit their business challenges:


1. CUSTOMER RETENTION: The high volume of customer queries being responded slowly were resulting in customers buying from their competitors.

2. LOW SATISFACTION SCORES: The online student experience was not in line with other companies in the space.

3. TIME EFFICIENCY:  Key staff were being made to perform lower value admin tasks resulting in lower time efficiency.


1. CUSTOMER RETENTION: We were able to allocate the necessary resources to meet their customers demands. This resulted in customer queries being answered in a timely manner enabling the company to focus on the user experience.  

2. LOW SATISFACTION SCORES: After working with Emerj, the client was able to focus more on improving their business processes and their online engagement. The low satisfaction scores converted to positive experience scores of above 97%in a space of six months.

3. TIME EFFICIENCY: Key staff were now being used in the right areas which improved the overall time efficiency impacting the bottom line positively. Everyone fulfilling the right roles also improved the staff morale and satisfaction.


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