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Full offshore back-office setup

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Full offshore back-office setup

By taking advantage of offshore back-office setups, many businesses have successfully conquered the route to efficient and more streamlined operations overseas.

Setting up any operation is challenging however it is a completely different cattle of fish setting it up in a different jurisdiction, we at emerj however make this a smooth process by taking over all the headache away from you and setting up everything from start to enabling it in running in a streamline manner.

With the advantages mentioned above, an offshore back office is considered to be a strategic choice to help businesses reach the international level. Not only does it bring profits for the business itself, but the offshore company also helps promote trade among countries and jurisdictions, contributing to the economy of the world.


We recently helped an Emerj client operating in the affiliate marketing space. The client was encountering a number of scaling up challenges and the client had the following pain points:


· Volume of work:The client’s in-house customer service team was unable to keep up with the influx of service requests and inquiries they received over emails and chat.

· Declining customer satisfaction experience:Customer satisfaction was dropping as the backlog of unaddressed serviced tickets were already in the thousands and growing. The low quality service and resolution inefficiencies were affecting brand perception.

· High staff costs: Due to the increasing cost of living, staff are always on the look out for the next job even if the pay difference isn’t that much higher leading to high staff turnover. This was also leading to the client spending extra resources on training and monitoring of staff.

· Recruitment costs: High staff turnover in turn resulted in high recruitment costs to replace the staff members.

· Overall staff performance and motivation: All the minute issues led to declining overall staff performance and motivation and resulting in further issues.

· Office maintenance and utilities costs: As companies grow they need to invest in office infrastructure which can be a lot more expensive per individual in the developed economies.

We had a detailed meeting with the client in understanding these pain points and getting a scoping exercise completed to address these issues. Further to this meeting we presented the client a detailed proposal with a solution addressing their pain points and explaining the benefits of the outsourced office.


We addressed the pain points as below:

· Volume of work: Emerj managed the volume of work and reduced the response time for customer interactions by over 75%.

· Declining customer satisfaction experience: The improved volume of work directly correlated to the improvement in customer satisfaction experience.

· High staff costs: These were reduced to a ratio of 2.5 to 1.

· High staff turnover: We were able to provide better training, sense of ownership and benefits to the staff leading to the staff staying with a company for a longer time compared to the industry averages. Spending extra resources on training and monitoring of staff

· Recruitment costs – We were able to reduce the recruitment costs for the client proportional to the high staff costs.

· Overall staff performance and motivation: Due to the above market wages the client could afford, the staff was more motivated comparatively and gave it their all.

· Office maintenance and utilities costs: We were able to provide a better office enivroment through our better equiped offices.

The client had plans to grow their business significantly and have got the outsourced office to a stage that it has now become a hand off operation for them in terms of running the operation.

This was the exact reason why the client had started the conversation with Emerj and the solution was achieved in a seamless fashion.


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